20 Years of SawStop History

SawStop, through its 20-year history, has become the leading manufacturer of high-quality table saws and is the principal innovator of table saw safety technology. Dr. Steve Gass, Sawstop’s founder, sought to create a safer table saw that would stop the blade and prevent serious injury to the user. With this goal in mind, he developed the technology capable of detecting contact with skin and stopping the blade in less than 5 milliseconds. Today, that idea is protecting hundreds of thousands of woodworkers around the globe. The combination of safety, unparalleled design and craftsmanship has made SawStop the #1 cabinet saw in North America.

High Quality and Durable Tools

At Mann Tool and Supply we strive to sell only high quality and durable tools and equipment to woodworkers and craftsman of all types. Our confidence in the quality and safety technology provided by SawStop encouraged us to become a SawStop dealer early in their company’s history. We have now been selling SawStop table saws for over 15 years with close to 1000 satisfied customers. This is what makes Mann Tool and Supply the premier SawStop dealer in South Carolina. Stop by our showroom where we have the major types of saws displayed as well as the various fence configurations and accessories. 

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