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EcoPoxy is a family owned and operated brand with roots that stem back generations to grain farming. In 2009 a community of farmers started distributing recycled and eco-friendly products in an effort to diversify its income. What made their epoxy unique was that it lacked the strong odor other epoxies on the market had. This eventually evolved into what we know as EcoPoxy. Since then, EcoPoxy has refined and redeveloped its products time and time again in an effort to meet its goal of producing 100% bio-based epoxies. And while sustainability is the driving force behind its product development, EcoPoxy is still an industry leader in performance and versatility.

Eco-Friendly and Bio-Based Epoxies

As South Carolina's premier supplier of woodworking equipment and accessories, partnering with EcoPoxy is a no brainer. Its products are specially formulated for woodworkers, and at Mann Tool and Supply we're here to bring you the best of the best. With EcoPoxy epoxies you don't need any special tools for your project, and you can rest assured your creation will be built to last. UVPoxy is a UV resistant coating that makes your epoxy projects virtually maintenance-free, protecting against ambering caused by sunlight, as well as scratches, water, and alcohol. And since EcoPoxy doesn't have an toxic compounds or heavy metals like other resins on the market, it is safe for incidental food contact. Come on in and see what we have or shop our EcoPoxy product selection online!

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