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San Francisco-based Shaper was founded in 2012 with a mission of simplifying precision cutting. Their handheld CNC router, Origin, has changed the game for woodworkers and craftspeople all over the world. Since then they have continued to grow, expanding with offices in Stuttgart, Germany, and continuously refining its tools to meet the needs of its users. Shaper has found a way to make digitally-aided cutting software accessible to all, avoiding the high cost and complexities you may find with traditional CNC machines on the market. With location tracking and active motion control, users enjoy a new level of precision cutting.

The Next-Generation of CNC Machines

We are a proud dealer of Shaper products, carrying the Shaper Origin + Workstation, Origin accessories, and more. One of the many things we love about Shaper is its community. Through the ShaperHub, you can find project plans and hardware installation templates for your Origin, plus a robust library of resources to help you sharpen your skills. Whether you're a woodworker by trade or a hobbyist, the Shaper Origin + Workstation is a must-have for your workshop. Accurate, flexible, and efficient - truly the next-generation of precision cutting. Shop Shaper online or come by the showroom to check out our selection!

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