Wooden Mallet Class 6/8/2023

A well made mallet is a welcome addition to any woodworkers tool collection. Making a mallet yourself introduces the skills that are needed to become an accomplished hand tool woodworker. This class focuses on using hand tools to make a maple or cherry woodworker’s mallet. Students will learn to chop and pare with chisels, and how to use spokeshaves. You will also be introduced to the brace and bit, block planes, rasps and files. We will cover how to read and select grain direction to control wood movement. Many of the steps in making this mallet can be completed with any one of a number of hand tools. The class will give you the opportunity to try different combinations of methods to get the job done. The mallet parts will be partially prepared by machine work (in the interest of time) but you will see and learn how each step can be performed by hand. At the end of this class you will have a good understanding of the skills one needs to develop to become a proficient hand tool woodworker. Cancellation Policy: Students may cancel within 10 days of a class for a full refund. We may cancel a class within 48 hours if we have not met the minimum number of students required. In this case, you have the choice of a full refund or you can move to an open spot in a later class.

Date: 06/08/23
Time: 10:00am
Cost: $135.00/person


802 Chris Drive
W. Columbia, SC 29169

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