SawStop Upgrade Promo 2024

March 1 - April 30


Choose an Overarm Dust Collection assembly (TSA-ODC), Premium Dado Set (BTS-DS8-2402), or a Scale Miter Gauge
and 60-Tooth Blade (TSA-SMG and CB104 184) with the purchase of any new SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw (either 1.75HP or 3.0HP). 

  • Qualifying owners will submit via the online form at, then use the coupon code to place an order on the SawStop Parts Store for the item of their choice.
  • SawStop will send the upgrade item directly; allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 
  • Forms must be submitted to SawStop within 30 days of qualifying purchase date, accompanied by a copy of the sales receipt that includes purchase date and shows the saw paid in full. 
  • Only specified accessories will be sent. 
  • *Dust Collection Blade Guard (TSG-DC) required to use the TSA-ODC. Sold separately for 1.75 HP PCS.
SawStop Upgrade Promo 2024
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